Music. Perhaps no one can exactly define what music is but seems like a combination of sounds & silence in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion. Music has been around since the dawn of mankind but only in the last few hundred years - as musical instruments have evolved  - became to diverse phenomenon what we know it today.

Thus, no wonder it is difficult to recreate the magic and complexity of live music through machines. The pitch perfect reproduction of instruments’s own sound, their upper harmonics, their interactions with each other and the environment is not possible today.

But it is possible to get ever closer to perfection via clever compromises which evoke the  emotions of live music.  Close your eyes and you’ll see how close to reality is the sound you’re listening to is. If you rely on your ears alone you’ll „see the bigger picture”.

This is the design phylopsphy behind all Beeline Audio equipment: a reproduction of live music that recreates the emotions evoked by live music even for the most discerning audience.



Watanabe Kenji
Director, Vice President, Art Media Center Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music

What is the secret? There is no secret: the equipment’s resolution, its ability to recreate detail is what takes us close to live music. But our perception of detail closely correlates with the amount of third harmonic distortion – the lower it is the less artificial and the more lifelike music will sound. With eyes closed we can have a deeper sense of the inner harmonies of the music, In technical terms – in case of reproduced music – our ears and brains are sensitive to the amount of third harmonics.: the lower it is the more detailed acoustic picture will emerge.

Close your eyes and listen to the details captured by the musician and the audio engineer. Our brand reflects this phyosophy which led to our unique solutions that are different from almost everything else.

BeBlind. Close your eyes and see the music.


A uniquely emotional speaker

Seldom such talent as Leonardo da Vinci is born. Just as rare is that audio equipment meet the highest stardards both in audiophile quality and design.
Imagined and created using the principles of sacred geometry the form and function of the speaker complement each other as yin & yang.

The speaker design employs only triangles as speaker walls so the cabinet has virtually no internal resonance, lowering third harmonic distortion significanlty.
Also, because of its high sensitivity, even moderately powered amplifiers (e.g. single ended vacum tube) can create concert hall level sound pressure in your living room.

The symbiotic relationship of our unique design and the extremely high resolution combine into an unusual, „out-of-this-world” sensory experience.

The natural & unique materials and the carefully selected components blend into more than the sum of the parts. The heart and soul of this system combines patented components & the unusual ‘sacred design’ into an unparalelled expereience.

BeBlind. Close your eyes and see dancers step on the stage, the conductor opening up the sheets and string players lifting up the bow to create something rearely experienced: the presence of Live Music. LISTEN 2.1.



  • Design: 1,5 way vented box
    Impedance: 8 Ω
    Power requirement: 10 – 100W recommended
    Sensivity: 93.5 dB (1W /1m)
    Frequency response: 32-40 kHz
    Internal cabling: Teflon insulated OFC
    Cabinet: High quality MDF with integrated damping material. High gloss paint finish. ( piano black / piano white )
    Grille: Black anodized aluminum grille (ring) with floating textile insert, and neodymium magnet holders
    Dimensions: 1235 x 500 x 300 mm incl. spikes
    Net weight: 31 kg
  • Drivers:
  • 1” Tweeter: Dual Ring Radiator
    - Aluminum alloy frame
    - Patented diaphragm design
    - Wawe-guide center plug
    - Copperclad aluminum voice coil
    - Frequency management: Mundorf capacitor, OFC coils
    8” full-range speaker
    - Frequency optimalized full-range speaker, with bamboo fiber cone, and ceramic magnet.
    - Aluminum alloy frame
    - Copperclad flat aluminium voice coil, flux compensated
    - Frequency management: silver – carbon resistor
  • Description
  • Uniquely designed cabinet shape ( trade mark) using the principles of sacred geometry, resulting extremely low internal resonance.


Audiophile integrated amplifier

Electric signal as music? We’ve learned in the analogue era the that success of teasing  the music out encapsulated in an audio recording is most dependent on the quality of speakers. But in the digital world it became clear that the quality of reproduced music  captured in digits can be influenced different ways.

The loss of quality experienced when playing high resolution recordings is attributable to the number of A/D – D/A conversions the system perfroms until the sound leaves the speaker. The unnecessary conversions introduce errors that multiply every time the conversion is carried out.

No matter how good a converter is it changes the original signal. Every imperfection in the calculation – and there is no perfect converter – adds distortion to the signal that multiplicates with every conversion.

BeBlind “D Class” amplifier’s unique design cuts down drastically the number of conversions. Unlike in most other D-Class amps the control PWM signal is digitally generated by a custom designed  DSP while power amp module has no negative feedback. The advantage of this unique design full is immunity of RF signals generated in he connected speaker cables but complete resistance against the irregularities introduced by loudspeaker's voice coil

The result sings for itself. Resolution rarely experienced coombined with copious power reserves & dynamics only typical of digital amplifiers is captured in a small but beautifully sculpted body.
The design of BB2.2 is based on the principles of sacred geometry and reflects the design principles of BB2.1  speakers. The ultra short signal path and  rigid case milled from solid aluminum creates a practically resonance free environment in order to faithfully reproduce the original signal.
Regardless of the speaker connected you’ll hear the difference but connected to BB2.1 opens up new aural dimensions.

BeBlind. Close your eyes and see pianist roll up his sleeves, the trumpet player insert the mute, and the percussionist hitting the drum to create the something rearely experienced: the presence of Live Music. LISTEN 2.2.



  • Rated power: 240W + 240W 4 Ohm (1%THD)
    125W + 125W 8 Ohm (1%THD)
    Distortion: < 0,03% (THD)
    Frequency response: 5Hz-80kHz
    Dynamic range: 103 dB
  • Efficiency: >88%
  • Digital Inputs: 2 x Coaxial S/PDIF (RCA)
    2 x toslink
    Analog Inputs: 1 x Analog (RCA)
  • Dimensions: 450 x 120 x 350 mm
  • Weight: 30 kg
  • Description
  • Uniquely designed pure digital  ( non ICEpower class „D”) amplifier. Pure Digital integrated amplifier Remote controlled, 5 inputs.